Slave Cloth

In tbe craft 

store a few

years ago I heard

someone point out

the slave cloth.

The people in my head

had been telling 

me that cloth 

is made by slaves

because machines

couldn’t make cloth

with respect to the 4th

through 11th dimensions.

They told me to knit

my own clothes

so that I would know

that it wasn’t slave

Melinda Anne Caines


Augmented Reality 

Today, my psychiatrist 

seemed to think 

it’s funny that I 

hear voices

telling me that I’m in

an augmented reality. 

When I said 

that was worried

about losing disability 

because of a non-medical 

review.  He said,

“It’s just a simulation,

right.”So, why

should I care.  My stepdad

yesterday said to Trust

in God.  I don’t know

what’s real and what’s 

part of the simulation.

But God is real.  You,

reading this are real.  Or 

maybe not.  Maybe 

you’re just part of the simulation.
Melinda Anne Caines


I looked out 

my car window

and saw a heavenly 

sight.  The puffs

of white clouds

were illuminated 

in a peach light.

They glowed.

It was the most

beautiful sight. 

I thought

people need no

entertainment.  All

they need is this view.

I thought

and still think

that I saw heaven

in those clouds.
Melinda Anne Caines

Purple Eyes

My eyes are brown

at least

that’s how they

once in high school

I had parked 

my car.

I looked in the rear

view mirror

my eyes were bright

purple.  I blinked.

They were still purple.

I went inside.

In the bathroom,

I looked again.

They were brown.

I don’t know 

what I saw,

but I know that sometimes 

when I look

in the mirror 

there’s a dark purple

ring around my iris

and sometimes 

it’s dark brown.

I wonder if I saw

my soul’s true appearance.

Melinda Anne Caines

Where is God?

I pray 

Thank You for my life

when I wake up

but then I feel lost

irrational worries consume

me.  Oh, where is God?

Intellectually,  I know

that God is there.  Every 

Sunday I’m reminded

of his love but there seems

to be a distance between

his gaze and mine.  Should

I pray more? Should 

I write a sign reminding 

me of God’s eternal presence?

My mind brings me away 

from God’s glory.

Melinda Anne Caines