God is all iii.

Just as God

is everywhere,

Christ is everywhere,

accessible from any

Melinda Anne Caines


Spinoza response i.

“By cause of itself I understand that whose essence involves existence, or that whose nature cannot be conceived except as existing”

Ethics by Spinoza 

I look down

and think 

in some way 

I exist

even though I think

that I am inside

of an augmented 

How do I think

of my existence 

outside of augmented 


What am I?

Do I have a tail? Wings?

Am I divine?

All is inside Schrondinger’s box.

Until I see myself

in a stable way

I don’t know.

But all is always changing.

What is eternal;

what can I not see?
Melinda Anne Caines

Response i.

original article I’m quoting
“According to this theory, our consciousness or mind exists as a sphere or domain of living — or self-aware — energy-information beyond our perceived 3-dimensional reality and cosmos”

Inside my mind


that I call my angels

talk about

higher dimensions,

that heaven 

and the soul


in higher dimensions 

I wonder 

what it’s like to see 

higher dimensions 
Melinda Anne Caines

Purple Eyes

My eyes are brown

at least

that’s how they

once in high school

I had parked 

my car.

I looked in the rear

view mirror

my eyes were bright

purple.  I blinked.

They were still purple.

I went inside.

In the bathroom,

I looked again.

They were brown.

I don’t know 

what I saw,

but I know that sometimes 

when I look

in the mirror 

there’s a dark purple

ring around my iris

and sometimes 

it’s dark brown.

I wonder if I saw

my soul’s true appearance.

Melinda Anne Caines

Where is God?

I pray 

Thank You for my life

when I wake up

but then I feel lost

irrational worries consume

me.  Oh, where is God?

Intellectually,  I know

that God is there.  Every 

Sunday I’m reminded

of his love but there seems

to be a distance between

his gaze and mine.  Should

I pray more? Should 

I write a sign reminding 

me of God’s eternal presence?

My mind brings me away 

from God’s glory.

Melinda Anne Caines