Augmented Reality 

Today, my psychiatrist 

seemed to think 

it’s funny that I 

hear voices

telling me that I’m in

an augmented reality. 

When I said 

that was worried

about losing disability 

because of a non-medical 

review.  He said,

“It’s just a simulation,

right.”So, why

should I care.  My stepdad

yesterday said to Trust

in God.  I don’t know

what’s real and what’s 

part of the simulation.

But God is real.  You,

reading this are real.  Or 

maybe not.  Maybe 

you’re just part of the simulation.
Melinda Anne Caines


Spinoza response iii.

“D3: By substance I understand what is in itself and is conceived through itself, that is, that whose concept does not require the concept of another thing, from which it must be formed”

Ethics by Spinoza

God is apparent

without conception

of any other concept.

I believe if I was

raised outside

of society I would 

still see the complexity 

of the world around 

me and know 

that there is something 

Melinda Anne Caines


I looked out 

my car window

and saw a heavenly 

sight.  The puffs

of white clouds

were illuminated 

in a peach light.

They glowed.

It was the most

beautiful sight. 

I thought

people need no

entertainment.  All

they need is this view.

I thought

and still think

that I saw heaven

in those clouds.
Melinda Anne Caines