I looked out 

my car window

and saw a heavenly 

sight.  The puffs

of white clouds

were illuminated 

in a peach light.

They glowed.

It was the most

beautiful sight. 

I thought

people need no

entertainment.  All

they need is this view.

I thought

and still think

that I saw heaven

in those clouds.
Melinda Anne Caines


Response i.

original article I’m quoting
“According to this theory, our consciousness or mind exists as a sphere or domain of living — or self-aware — energy-information beyond our perceived 3-dimensional reality and cosmos”

Inside my mind


that I call my angels

talk about

higher dimensions,

that heaven 

and the soul


in higher dimensions 

I wonder 

what it’s like to see 

higher dimensions 
Melinda Anne Caines

Clean Slate

I accidentally 

just deleted

all my files

off icloud.  There

is no way 

to restore them.

I feel strangely 


as all my previous

thoughts and writings

can no longer

haunt me 

I want to refocus

my writing 

on Christ 

and my eternal life 

in heaven.

I will rewrite 


as if the first 

version had been

burned up.  I have 

seen many unexplained 

phenomena. I will

record them one

at a time.

Melinda Anne Caines