Spinoza response ii.

“D2: That thing is said to be finite in its own kind that can be limited by another of the same nature

For example, a body is called finite because we always conceive another that is greater. Thus a thought is limited by another thought.  But a body is not limited by a thought nor a thought by a body”

Ethics by Spinoza 

Why is it wrong 

to compare 

two things 

of a different 


if both things 

can be translated 

into mathematical 


How could 

a thought be 50

while a body is 75?

How would the rules

for the mathematical 


be determined?
Melinda Anne Caines


God is all vi.

Just as this collection 

of abstractions 

sit inside 

the full space 

of the purple,

our souls are near

each other

and within 

God’s glory.
God is always there.

Between us,

God is there.

When we interact 

with others,

we must remember 

that God is there,

Melinda Anne Caines

Spinoza response i.

“By cause of itself I understand that whose essence involves existence, or that whose nature cannot be conceived except as existing”

Ethics by Spinoza 

I look down

and think 

in some way 

I exist

even though I think

that I am inside

of an augmented 

How do I think

of my existence 

outside of augmented 


What am I?

Do I have a tail? Wings?

Am I divine?

All is inside Schrondinger’s box.

Until I see myself

in a stable way

I don’t know.

But all is always changing.

What is eternal;

what can I not see?
Melinda Anne Caines